Bean Coffee Roasters epitomizes the direction of the coffee industry in the early 21st century. We strive to make the best coffee possible, through careful roasting and preparation. Always advocates for conservation, Bean Coffee Roasters strives to minimize waste, roasting small, individual batches of coffee, never serving any beans roasted over 48 hours ago. We source the highest quality beans, buying organic whenever available, and always experimenting with our blends and roast profiles to deliver optimum quality coffee. We source top-tier, nearly obscure ingredients and equipment in order to bring out the best in the coffee. At Bean Coffee Roasters, we guarantee a coffee experience designed to give you the freshest possible cup of coffee, and are always training and learning new ways to make this the mainstay of your experience.


Bean Coffee Roasters imports green beans direct from farms across the world, working through one importer who deals direct with the farmers. Coffee farmers work incredibly hard just to process one small handful of coffee, and we look upon them with the highest respect for their line of work. For this reason, there are no middlemen in our trade process, to ensure integrity and honesty in business dealings. Once we have the imported green coffee in our warehouses, we begin experimenting with blends using our ¼ pound roaster, in order to gain a knowledge base of the coffee’s potential without wasting more than needs to be.


The world’s coffee industry has started to take a wide, sweeping U-turn from the direction it has been heading for the last 3-4 decades. With the boom of industrialized, corporately-run coffee, the personalized touch of the caring hand that is involved in the coffee’s journey seemed to be a diminished item in the coffee business. No longer was coffee fresh-roasted and served immediately, rather it was roasted, immediately bagged, and sent worldwide, all the while aging and losing its fresh flavor. Bean Coffee Roasters wants to be a front runner in the third wave of coffee, through micro-roasting in-house, and helping our customers to start their own micro-roasting experience in their own homes.